[Active] Experiment - X Account From 0 to 20,000 Followers

Learn from the wins and losses of my experiment to grow an X account to 20,000 followers.
Last updated: May 26th, 2024

Experiment Summary

Status: In progress

The objective of this experiment is to find methods to grow an X account from scratch to 20k followers.

Regular publishing alongside growth strategies with consistency over a long period of time should result in a substantial follower growth. My aim is 20k!

Findings: ?

This is where I'll be logging an entire experiment of taking my personal X account from 0 to 20,000 followers.

My intention (as it is with any experiment) is to share strategies, tools I am using to grow, and every single win and loss that I experience throughout this experiment.

This experiment should serve you to pick up as many valuable lessons as you can from my own journey. I am not going to hold anything back.



Starting date: November 4th, 2023

End date: TBD

Starting point: 127 followers - Okay, I guess I am not starting with 0. But this is an old and inactive account that had 7 tweets, 10 likes and 127 random followers. So I consider this a brand new account that has nothing going for it.

And it does sound better to say "From 0 to 10,000" then to say "From 127 followers to 10,000", right??

Why am I doing this?

For fun!

And for money, too.

In general, I love taking on different experiments and testing different marketing strategies.

Doing this experiment, however, takes me quite a bit outside of my comfort zone.

Growing an X account is not because my ego wants a high follower count - I am not really a big social media user (in fact, X is the only social media I am active on, at the moment).

My goal is to use X to help me with 2 of my active projects:

I will be attempting to funnel the traffic towards my info product(s), as well as drive website traffic and newsletter subs for Digital Media Lab.


  • Twitter Premium - $16/month
  • Hypefury - $20/month (ditched it in Month #2). The reason why I decided do ditch it; it's not providing much value for me at the moment. X has its own scheduling feature. Auto plugs are cool, but I am hesitant on using them. Reposts - well I can do those myself.
  • Hivoe - free (no longer available). I have been using Hivoe in month #1 to send auto DMs to new followers with an intention of promoting my newsletter and getting the conversation going. Worked really well, but the tool is no longer available because X changed policies and doesn't allow people to auto DM new followers (sucks because I was really getting a lot of email subscribers like this).
  • Typefully - Started using Typefully in month #4. I found it to be a much better alternative to Hypefury for some scheduling, brainstorming and rewrites.
  • ... (I'll likely add more tools as I am progressing)


Am I following a course?

Not at the moment. I believe there are many valuable courses out there.

But given my prior experience in marketing and SEO (khm khm, hacking the algorithm), I don't think a course will make a significant difference in my approach.

And as a marketer, my main trait is observing what other successful accounts are doing.

So I'll lean onto that, at the moment.

Content Creation

I am about to dive deep into the nitty-gritty of my content creation and growth strategies.

If you'd like to continue reading about this experiment, you will have to subscribe to Digital Media Lab.

You'll find plenty of information you won't be able to find for free (or most often in paid courses).

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