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Do you work by yourself or have a team? 

All work is done by me. I am not running a team, and I am not outsourcing your work to a third-party.

What type of projects do you do? 

With hundreds of projects under my belt, I can handle startups, SaaS, eCommerce, b2b, b2c... Well, pretty much anything. The only type of projects I don't do these days is local SEO. 

Do you have a portfolio of previous work? 

Yes, reach out to me, and I'll share a database of prior successes and wins. 

How do you charge? 

My entire set of services can be tailored to your business and what you need. Most of what I offer and what you likely need will fit into:

  • Hourly contracts.
  • One of my productized services, like SEO training or website teardowns.
  • SEO Sprints and Deliverables. 
  • SEO Sprints + Retainers. 

Do you have a project you want to discuss? Let's talk shop!

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