About Me

About Me

Hey there!

I appreciate you wanting to find out more about the story behind me and this website.

I am Maxwell Byte, a 27-year-old SEO and digital marketing specialist.

I started my digital marketing journey when I was only 14 years old inspired to build my own digital businesses.

For the last 12 years I have:

  • Been on a long journey of learning SEO, digital marketing, copywriting and other skills.
  • Succeeded in launching several digital businesses and failed in 5 times as more.
  • Worked in a number of marketing agencies, managing organic growth for small to enterprise-size clients. I've been part of many teams, and I've also led and recruited teams on my own.
  • Built and managed a portfolio of niche websites monetized using display ads and affiliate marketing.
  • Building and managing a portfolio of websites monetized through selling link placements (guest posts and link insertions).
  • Started my own solo consulting business to help individuals and businesses improve organic growth through different marketing channels (predominantly SEO).
  • ...and always building new digital assets (check my projects page to see everything)

Here We Are Today

I started Digital Media Lab to document the journey and share valuable, raw and honest insights from my daily career of building and managing different digital businesses.

Why am I doing this; all over the Internet, folks overemphasize their successes, often lying about the sizes of their accomplishments and rarely talking about the failures and what it actually takes to build something on the Internet.

This happens mostly because they want to build an audience, sell some sort of a product, and they want to make the journey look good.

But that's not the actual journey and I believe many people, like myself, don't connect to these stories.

I want to talk a lot about the ugly stuff, the struggle, the failures, what goes wrong, and to show everyone what is the approach in taking something from a negative to a positive.

I also want to show people that failures are inevitable - you will often see me abandoning different businesses when I realize that something may not be working for me.

Through my own ventures, I want to show people how I build digital businesses, and to give them the actual process, and how long or how hard it may be to do it.

How Can This Website Be Of Help To You?

If you are curious about this journey, feel free to subscribe to my newsletter. I will try and share all of the things that I do on a regular basis, so you can learn through me.

I will offer special access to loyal followers and subscribers - getting premium content, experiments and case studies - but also hefty discounts on templates, courses and private training I am providing.

Peace out!

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