Contact Me

Do you have a project you need help with? Let's talk shop!

If you wish to reach out, feel free to email me at But before you hit send, here's a glimpse into how we might collaborate:

Working Together

My main focus, at the moment, is on building out and monetizing different online ventures, and sharing the intricate details of it on this website.

But from time to time, I love taking on interesting projects other people bring to me, so if you need any help with marketing (specifically from an organic standpoint), I am all ears.

There are many we can work together:

  • Fractional Director of SEO: Avail my expertise on a monthly basis to craft and manage your SEO strategy (high-level management).
  • Website Teardown - Gain insights from a 60-minute video report, along with a growth blueprint to guide your next steps.
  • Hourly Consultations: Got questions? Book an hour or two, and I'll provide the answers.
  • SEO Deliverables: Need a content audit, website analysis, or keyword research breakdown? I offer productized deliverables tailored to your site's needs, perfect for those steering clear of retainer-based services.
  • SEO Sprints + Retainers: For a more enduring collaboration, I combine SEO sprints with retainer-based pricing. Keen to know more? Let's schedule a discovery call.

Freebies & Insights

Craving insights without the commitment? Dive into the blog, join our member community (it's free!), or follow me on Twitter for regular knowledge drops.

Feedback Welcome

Your thoughts on this website? I'm all ears! Your feedback not only helps improve the platform but shapes its direction. Don't hesitate to share.

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