Full Website Teardown - 10x Your Website's Organic Growth (SEO + Social Media)

This action-packed website audit is built to discover your website's organic marketing problems and open potential goldmines you can explore.

The goal with a website audit is to fully tear apart your current website, its performance, your strategy and show you ways to improve it in order to grow faster.

Full Website Teardown Vs Standalone Website Audit

Today, every SEO and his mother offer website audits.

They promise the world, but fail to deliver on anything meaningful and actionable.

Regular website audits often only outline missing header tags, broken pages or poorly written meta descriptions.

When you fix all of these, you will most likely stay right where you've been all along, except you wasted dozens of hours on meaningless actions.

I've also seen website audits that are automated reports generated by tools (like Ahrefs or Screaming Frog) in 30 seconds.

Excluding the obvious scammers, most website audits, in general, fail to provide actionable information that identify specific and exact things you need to do to directly get more money out of your marketing and SEO efforts.

That is why I decided to create website teardowns.

Website Teardown - 60-Minute Video Report

For $199, you will get an experienced SEO and organic growth consultant showing you a wide range of approaches that will help you discover how to take your website to the next level.

In a 60-minute video overview, I will reveal information on everything I would do if I were running SEO and marketing for your business.

I show you what levers I'd pull to 10x your website's growth, how to do it and where to go.

Who Is This For?

Everyone who needs an expert consultant to:

  • Review their website and their existing strategy.
  • Find holes, red flags, issues and growth opportunities.
  • Sum everything up in a 60-minute video.

Delivery time: 7-10 days.

Contact me at maxwell@digitalmedialab.biz before you order if you have specific things you want me to cover in the video.

Website Teardown - Video Report + Growth Blueprint

While a video report is extremely helpful, I know a lot of people would like a more serious breakdown that includes a spreadsheet with data, visuals and text overview.

This is for you if you need specifics where I can:

  • Fully diagnose your website, outlining errors and issues that needs to be handled.
  • Show you your website's biggest growth opportunities and how to approach them.
  • Share actionable recommendations to increase traffic & revenue that not only focus on SEO, but on overall marketing strategy and how it all fits together.
  • List all of the easy wins and low-hanging fruit that should be prioritized and implemented immediately.
  • Explain you how to prioritize actions and ensure your website's organic growth.
  • ... along with a no fluff video report where I explain all of the findings above in details.
Given the time involvement and depths I go to to discover the errors and opportunities, I charge $699 for growth blueprint and a video report.

Delivery time: 10-20 days.

Contact me at maxwell@digitalmedialab.biz before you order if you have specific things you want me to cover in the video.

Why Listen To Me?

I immersed myself into the digital marketing world when I was only 14-years old (and exactly 14 years ago).

I made my first dollar online before my first day in high-school. Since then, I earned more than $1m for myself, and a lot more influencing and steering my client's campaigns.

I live and breathe the digital world.

As Internet has been growing, I've been growing with him.

For a good part of the last decade, I worked on hundreds of SEO and marketing campaigns, consulted both enterprise clients and solo niche website owners.

Aside from that, I am always working to build my own portfolio of content websites, SaaS tools, and digital assets.

Unlike many consultants you meet, I walk the walk.

You are free to check extensive experiments I do on this website to better gauge my expertise.

My website teardowns will help you GET RESULTS and you will walk away with more knowledge and confidence in your organic traffic strategy.

If you are not satisfied with the advice I provide you, I offer 100% money-back guarantee.

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