[Active] Project #1 - Automated Link Farms

This is the summary of the project #1 in my solopreneurship portfolio. This project's entire focus is around building automated websites that focus on selling link placements - primarily guest posts and niche edits (better known as link farms).
[Active] Project #1 - Automated Link Farms

This is the summary of the project #1 in my lifestyle business portfolio.

What Is This Project About?

This project's entire focus is around building automated websites that focus on selling link placements - primarily guest posts and niche edits.

In case you are not as familiar with SEO and link building, these may sound like alien concepts to you - but it is quite simple actually.

For all non-SEO folks, this is like purchasing ad space on another website or a newsletter. The goal of purchasing ad space is to funnel the traffic to your website or your offer.

And when you are selling guest posts - your goal is to funnel "authority" by letting third-parties contribute content in which they'd place backlinks to their websites.

Project in Numbers

2023 Updates

  • September HCU update - HCU update that Google rolled out in September and October of 2023 had a (strangely) very positive effect on these websites. They all grew in traffic, resulting in even more sales.

2023 Tasks

  • [Done] Automate 90% of work.
  • [Done] Keep the profit-to-revenue at 80/20 at a minimum (consistently).

2024 Updates

  • March Core & Spam update - A barrage of Google's updates in early 2024 has decimated these link farms (unfortunately). Out of 5 websites, 2 are nearly completely destroyed, 2 are solid, and 1 is still thriving. This does prove that, algorithmically, Google still doesn't know how to solve this, so I intend to continue running this project.

2024 Tasks

  • [In Progress] - Launch more link farms based on the previous methods to test if Google actually "solved" the problems of websites that sell link placements.
  • [In Progress] - Buy content websites that were penalized during the HCU and convert them into link farms.

Where to Read More About it?

At the moment, I publish regular updates about this project through:

No experiments have been published for this project yet.

These are the guides I wrote in relation to this project:

Link Selling Playbook - Build Highly Profitable & Fully Automated Sites Selling Guest Posts
Employ the methods described in this playbook, and build a $100,000/year business selling guest posts to SEO agencies and link builders, while working less than an hour a day.Why Sell Guest Posts Instead Of Building Authority Websites?I used to build niche sites monetized through a number of affiliate programs and display ads.I worked tirelessly to build these sites - often 7 days a week with 12-hour days, all with the goal of building them into passive income streams that I could manage more efficiently.While these websites provided some solid revenue, they were a ton of work to build, manage and sustain. Not to mention that the almighty G often came in and took my lunch money.I didn’t start making real passive money until I’ve changed directions and started building fully automated websites that generate revenue from selling link placements to bloggers, link builders and SEO agencies.Over a span of the last 4 years, with merely 2 hours of work a day, I’ve grossed nearly $500k in net profit, all by posting links on just 3 websites that I built for selling link placements. Read my full guide on how I built this business and get the first insights into how you can replicate it.This Playbook Is For You If 👇You have time and/or money to invest. While you can get this approach to be fully automated in the first year, you still need to invest time and/or money at the beginning of your journey. You want to own an online business that supports your lifestyle and earns you money while you are away from your computer. You want a proven system that works and a method that is not milked to death. You are tired from building niche sites and getting slapped around by Google or playing by their supposed rules. You don’t want to build complex funnels, do marketing, sell products, code or design. You don’t want to post on social media and promote what you do. How This Method Stands Out✅While I know many who are still chasing passive income with display ads or affiliate marketing, a select few have tapped into the goldmine of building websites that can sell unlimited number of guest posts and link placements.Why slave away for years with traditional methods when you can achieve the same or even better results in a fraction of the time and cost?Early Bird ReviewsWhat Do You Get In This Playbook:A 45-page eBook with a goldmine of information collected from years of selling guest posts and links. An entire process laid out step-by-step.A ton of video explanations - I’ve recorded several videos to further illustrate important points. Exclusive list of link buyers - A list of 3,500+ people who bought links from me in the past. This is the list of link builders, SEO agencies, marketplaces etc. who are actively looking for websites where they can buy links. This alone is worth thousands of dollars, as these are hungry buyers waiting on an email from you.Frameworks and positioning - I share all of the frameworks, and positioning to ensure you are maximizing the number of sales every month.Ready-to-use Templates: From email drafts to content management spreadsheets, everything you need to kick-start your venture.Why This Playbook Is a Rare Gem:It is a first of its kind: In an oversaturated market of repetitive strategies, this guide breaks the mold, offering a fresh, effective, and underutilized approach.FAQ - Frequently Asked QuestionsDoes This Opportunity Require Any Investment?Yes, a money investment can go a long way. With as little as $100 for domain registration, hosting, and content, you can get the ball rolling. But more significant investment means quicker and safer returns and the ability to scale up a LOT faster. However, if funds are tight, don’t fret!My playbook offers time-intensive and even some “black hat” alternatives. How Much Time I Need To Invest?That entirely depends on your current skillset and financial investment. These days I can launch a website in a weekend if I find a good aged domain, because the rest of the setup is mostly AI automated, along with pre-existing SEO setup that I have. In case you are completely new to this industry, and starting with a fresh domain, you are very unlikely to spend more than 6 months before reaching your first $1,000/month. Does Google Penalizes These Type Of Websites?Even though Google’s propaganda machine keeps spewing the same talk about links being less relevant, and websites that buy links and sell links are in their crosshairs, the actual SERPs tell a completely different story. If you check page 1 of Google for any competitive keyword, you will see only high authority websites with strong backlink profiles (majority bought links) ranking. That tells you all you need to know. Don’t follow what they say, watch what they are actually doing. Can I Sell Links On The Website I Already Own?Of course, that will give you a great head start. Start emailing all my past buyers and you’ll be making money instantly. Is This Method Considered Blackhat?Only if you consider building links as a blackhat method. But let me tell you something. I am selling links on my websites, on a regular basis, to the biggest websites in the industry - guys like Canva, Hubspot etc. are link buyers. And they are killing it, pulling in millions of search traffic. Is This Method Ever Going To Stop Working?I highly doubt it. The links are only gaining more and more strength, as content becomes more commoditized due to AI making large moves. If you want to rank in 2024 and beyond, you’ll have to buy links. And that’s why the demand for websites that sell links will continue to grow. Have any other questions?If you have any other questions, feel free to email them to: maxwell@digitalmedialab.biz

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

When was this project started?

I started this project back in 2019, and it's been running non-stop for nearly 5 years.

Over the course of 5 years, this project made me over $500,000 in net profit. I've built multiple websites, sold 2 of them, and I am currently running only 3 websites.

How much time do I spend on it?

These days I average around 20h a month on these projects.

In some months, I go over that number, but through the blessings of AI and automation, most of the work is now on autopilot.

Can you share links to your websites?

No, I will not share links to these specific websites. This is done to protect the privacy of these websites from negative SEO attacks from other SEO folks (and Google!)

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